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Hello, this is my showcase corner.

Sirius Dog Fitness

Sirius Dog Fitness is a mobile application for iPhone and Android devices. I have designed and developed the app in cooperation with physiotherapist Susanna Vartiainen since 2016. The app is developed on React Native framework using JavaScript language.


Keywords: React Native, JavaScript, SQLite, Git, FastLane

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Games and prototypes

Some games made for fun.


A turn-based wargame prototype, made with Unity and C#. The main purpose of the project is to learn Unity and to get in touch with hex grid maps and pathfinding algorithms.


Fatbee is a clone of Flappy Bird, a famous casual game released in 2013. Fatbee was my contribution for the Flappybird gamejam. Used LibGDX framework and Java.

Play it on

Fatbee screenshot

Naku The Cat

Naku The Cat is a casual mobile game for Android devices. The purpose of the game is to use the cat’s paw to pop bubbles before they reach the bottom of the screen.

To develop the game I used LibGDX framework and Java language.

Naku The Cat screenshot

Teh Typo

I wrote Teh Typo the player is trying to gain points by destroying words by writing them using a keyboard, before the words reach the right side of screen.

Source code

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Writing songs and playing an acoustic guitar is a good way to relax if I happen to have a moment without deadlines.

Mysteerin Salaisuus is my personal project to where I pour anything that resembles musickness.




I’m Jarkko Vallius, a software developer and computer science student at University of Eastern Finland.

Email: firstname dot lastname meowsign gmail dot com.

updated 17.9.2018